The Random Arp

The Random Arp

Postby chysn » Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:26 pm

Recently, I've really been enjoying the random mode of the arpeggiator. The manual describes the random mode as "randomly plays notes." What this means is that the selected notes (the ones you've either got held down, or the ones that you've previously played if the arpeggiator is latched) are played at random, without any particular cycle. All the other arp modes have a cycle: Up plays the notes from lowest to highest, without repeating any notes on the way up. The random mode, on the other hand, can repeat notes and groups of notes because the note is random for each step.

Fatigue can set in if you're listening to the same sequencer pattern or arpeggio over and over again when designing sounds. But random arp can add interest. Try latching the arp and playing some non-Ionian scale, or an interesting chord. You'll sometimes hear little motifs that you like, and might want to use later.

For something a bit different, set Clock Divide to 8th-half for half-swing timing. A bit less mechanical than 8th alone. There's also 8th-swing, but in my opinion that gets annoying really quickly.

Good things can come from chance happenings. I think John Cage would have approved of the Random Arp mode.
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