Tempest: musical exploration

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Tempest: musical exploration

Postby balma » Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:42 am

Musical works with the Tempest.

I love the Tempest so much..... 2 years of work and fun with it, almost every day. It boosted my music with its soundengine/sequencing tight relationship.

Each song has intense use of the Tempest as a live performance tool.

"Is all about pleasure"
4 beat patterns/4 measures each. I programmed sequences for a single sound using 4 or more tracks, copy/pasting sounds I've programmed carefully, and then, creating clones and making several versions of a single sound concept. Then, I obtain better and more heterogeneous control during live performance. Getting the juice of those 32 tracks....

The other synth on the song is a command station, producing subtle harmonies and distortions in the background. This is a 90% Tempest certified track....


"2nd Thoughts"
this track is lovely and charming despite the roughness and rustic sound of the Tempest. There's a subtle toy piano harmony morphing in the background wich belongs to the Tempest.
The other synth is a command station, wich produces all the dreamy/floating stuff and distant little peachy birdies etc....
Tempest 50%....
Is a good one:


"Space Invaders"
Music market today....is like a bad joke.
Two months after purchasing the Tempest, I tried to make a decent whole track using a single pattern from the Tempest, just to shut up the mouth of some guys who were bashing the Tempest without knowing anything about it.
So, I programmed intensively one single pattern, implemented slice changes for each sound, well, did my best to personalize the sliders to produce cool changes on the sounds, so I could have more control and be able to shape/sculpt 4 measures to produce a song with reconizable form.
Then, I choosed a cheesy name with some alien bit image.
Voila... I signed the track, and it's the most listened song I've made during the last year...
Tempest 100% certified track :ugeek: :


"boiling swan"
One pattern with intensive pitch programming and reversing. I modulate constantly the pitch on semitones during the performance producing a trippy effect, while adding some white sound with a Korg Radias VA.
Tempest 90% certified track:

"Viejas creencias"
Tempest is so moody, dirty and glitchy here, combined with lo-fi textures and melancholic stuff, plus some subtle porn voices and a few piano notes.
Tempest 60% certified track:

The darkest and most hypnotic side of the Tempest I've explored, combined with some 12 layer morphing pads from the Command Station and noises/textures from the V-synth.
Tempest 50 % track. Trip guaranteed. :geek:

"El Viento"
Maybe my best dance track, required an intensive work with 8 patterns of the Tempest. I made around 25 different toms, multiple basses and noises to fill high frequencies, while tweaking the filter on global mode, plus several slider program combinations.
There's an intense filter manipulation on this song, and multiple kick/bass/snare layering to produce heavyweight drumming effects, but also allowing the other sounds to being listened, like the distant drone pad.
Tempest 66% track

A melow and easy listening transit.... VS waveforms and sine wave used for the belly lead. The whole rythm is the Tempest except for the charming soundscapes, wich are produced by the E-mu Command Station. monk/monastery stuff


Feel like a jerk making my best post like this, but I guarantee good music! :mrgreen:
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Re: Tempest: musical exploration

Postby Soundquest2 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:52 pm

I have not followed the Tempest-but it does sound like it's quite capable -precisely for the genera you're doing. Thanks for posting
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