Rattlesnakes on Roland Gaia

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Rattlesnakes on Roland Gaia

Postby Soundquest2 » Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:49 pm

Used a number of synths. In volume of occurance: Prophet 8, Vermona MK2, Pittsburg Foundation 2, Darktime sequencer, Doepfer Dark Energy, Analog Solutions Red Square, Roland Gaia, Roland VP7. Indian chanting done on an Arapaho 606 Analog.

Fiddled around a little more (after this recording) with the Gaia to to get some more snakes sounds. I managed to get the rattle sound onto one layer, and then the hissing onto another layer- which makes a nice realistic combo. While the Gaia is not exactly premier for keyboard sounds...it is my staple for animal sounds.

Oh...and just kidding about the Arapaho 606 :lol: That's a sample I had from on an old CD. I'd credit the tribe.... but I couldn't see any labeling.
PS> the little photo that might pop up on soundcloud is that of the Serpent Mound, in Ohio.

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Re: Rattlesnakes on Roloand Gaia

Postby chysn » Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:46 pm

It's good stuff. It has a nice organic sound.

And you did have me Googling for the Arapaho 606.
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