TEMPEST SYSEX MANAGER APP first beta0.01 release is here!

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TEMPEST SYSEX MANAGER APP first beta0.01 release is here!

Postby van » Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:45 pm

Hi guys,

now we have a beta testing release!

what is this app good for:

you can manage files and extend the storage from the tempest and you have a sound randomiser.


1. load and save tempest sysex file formats- from RAM-Sounds/Beats/Projects and from Flash-Sounds/Beats/Projects.
2. generate Playlists and load files into it for live perfomance.
3. rename files (as reprasantaion not as native tempest sysex name- for now...).
4. generate a random sound and send it to your Tempest.

You'll need:
1. The .apk file (needs usb and read/write internal storage permissions) see link below.
2. An OTG cable (costs ca. 3€).
3 Thats it!

you can download it here:


have fun!


p.s. feedbacks are very welcome!
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