2015 NAMM - Stuff That Isn't A Prophet 6

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2015 NAMM - Stuff That Isn't A Prophet 6

Postby chysn » Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:52 pm

Been scanning the NAMM reports the last few hours. Obviously the Prophet 6 is the big NAMM win. But some other stuff caught my eye.

Korg is releasing the CV-friendly SQ-1. It seems positioned to be a companion to both Volcas and MS-20 variants, although it should play nicely with other CV gear, due to the ability to actually set voltage range and taper. The ability to control one thing over sixteen steps or two things over eight steps is particularly interesting. Arturia may have one-upped them with the BeatStep Pro, but the SQ-1 will probably be half the price.

The MS-20 module kit sort of makes me go "meh" at this point, but that's only because Korg is bleeding the MS-20 to Mopho-like extremes.

Roland is returning to analog again. Yeah, the JD-Xi has an analog oscillator and runs it through a digital filter, which could be the worst-possible way to design a "hybrid" synth. Now, some details are emerging about the JD-XA, which apparently does have an analog filter.

Akai also has a hardware synth now, the Timbre Wolf, a four-voice poly with a two-octave keyboard. They appear to be full-sized keys, though, along the lines of the MiniBrute. I'm glad to see Akai back in the analog game. I once had an AX-73. It was sitting at the the music store in Grand Rapids, Michigan right next to a Juno 106, at about the same price. I bought the AX-73 because of the velocity sensitivity and the extra octave, and I still think I made the right call.

Oberheim announced something about a two-voice analog synth, but I got bored before I could click on the link. I'm sure whatever it is, it'll be hailed as a masterpiece when they start to talk about shipping it in five years.

I'm disappointed that Arturia hasn't created a synth called the EtTuBrute.
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